Sam Lax Visuals
Sydney based videographer, photographer, entertainer, podcaster and DJ
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A Model World 

Unpacks the allure of the model railway hobby

Aim For The Stars

Cathrin Machin’s journey from a mental breakdown to becoming a stellar Deep space artist

Hitting The High Notes

A short doc that gives us a glimpse of my grandmother's fantastic review group

Behind the scenes at Sydney Fish Market

The Pursuit of Perfection

Is a short I shot out in Stockholm with First Expeditions. It gives an insight into the world of athletic fitness athlete Ramsay Kinghorn

A Long Voyage

Is the first ever short doc I made. It tells the heartwarming story of how my grandparents met

Tunnel Vision 

Offers an insight into graffiti culture 

First Expeditions: Our Beginning

On a Roll 

Asks what makes freestyle skaters like Emmanuele  

Find more docs as I make and post them on my