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So How Did I Get Here? #3 - From Submarines to Subatomic Particles: A Good Chinwag With BBC Horizon Editor Steve Crabtree


Steve Crabtree is Editor of BBC Horizon, the world's longest-running science documentary.

After leaving his local school in Barrow-in-Furness with a single O-level to his name, he worked for years at the shipyards painting nuclear submarines, reading comic books and playing in a band with his friends. This all changed when prompted by a round of Thatcher’s industry cut backs, Steve decided to take a creative arts degree and move to London to pursue a career in media. In this meandering interview we discuss the importance of creativity, what to do to keep it alive and how Steve flexed his creative muscles from an early age. We touch upon how he goes about engineering his own dream jobs, the best parts of working on Horizon, his outlook on the future of technology and science and their role in combating environmental degradation and of course Stan Lee’s influence on his entire life!

I had a great time chatting with Steve so I hope you enjoy listening too and don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes to get these insightful chats with incredible people sent straight to your phone!

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