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Merchants Of Doubt

An incredibly well made Documentary, directed by Robert Kenner and based on the book of the same name by Naomi Orestes and Erik Conway


My general take home bar the obvious points it gets across (in a very visually interesting and creative way I might add), is that things like big businesses that are solely focussed on profit margins and inexorable expansion; are only indicative of a larger problem in the system by which we organise our society within the finite realm of our World. 

I (currently) think that a much broader system change is needed in order to address the root cause of these modern symptoms, and like it taking 50 odd years for the public to be reliably informed and relevant punishment administered to the Tobacco industry, it will take even more time for this still broader social change to take place.  

I'm currently learning about positive advances being made towards clean energy and development at university and this progress, however slow and hampered is heartening. It's education and documentaries like this that have helped me step outside my initial bubble of looking at issues such as climate change solely from a scientific standpoint. 


I'm slowly beginning to more fully understand the global implications of both regional and national politics and am having the earliest of thoughts of what I can do to help forward clean energy and development. 


It's documentaries like this one and others (an inconvenient truth, cowspiracy, fed up, the true cost etc) that have inspired and educated me and they're why I currently want to pursue documentary film myself.


So big up Documentaries for positive social change and check out this one!