Sam Lax Visuals
Sydney based videographer, photographer, entertainer, podcaster and DJ
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I currently produce and host 3 different weekly shows out of bondi beach radio

Radio L0ls

Each week my improv friends and I give our listeners an hour of fully improvised comedy fun. Give it a listen if you fancy a chortle…

It’s all BS

Is a weekly chat show I host with my girlfriend Rebecca. We specialise in talking nonsense about demi-current events and making each other laugh.


Each show I set a loose theme and the organised chaos ensues. Expect captivating storytelling, various on-air games and an epic eclectic selection of music.

You can keep up with the latest episodes of all 3 shows on my Mixcloud


The Archives

Mandem FM

 I got my first taste for radio yonks ago now on my university station. With a motley crew assembled, it was clear that Mandem FM was going to be the next best thing since sliced bread…